Telemedecine For Your Members


No matter where in the world your organisation or group is, we can provide your members with the necessary telemedicine services needed to keep them healthy, satisfied and happy.

Simple Pricing Structure:

Our pricing is transparent and simple. Our rate is ONLY $20/member/month. You sign up your organisation and send us your members info. we then bill you at the start of the month and once payment is received we will forward login information to your members.

Video Visits:

Your members will get access to unlimited video visits. In so doing they will be given timely and professional medical advice that will help them take the most appropriate action.

World-wide Coverage:

We provide worldwide coverage no matter where your organization or members are. We believe in health care beyond borders. No country has a monopoly over health care. We care for human beings everywhere.

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Add more value to your organization when you provide them with telemedicine coverage.