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Our patients are shopping for all types of products and services online. So why are doctors not available on line to their  patients?

Are you confused as to how to move ahead in the field of telemedicine?

Do you find it impossible to set up telemedicine just because of your country of residence?

No matter what challenges you are experiecing with telemedicine, a health provider business opportunity awaits. Our solution is the best for any physician  or other health professional anywhere in the world.

There are huge benefits to be gained when you become a Telemedicine Provider with MyeasycareMd:

  1. Offer services to your local patients as well as international ones.
  2. A turn-key system  where you can offer your services immediately.
  3. No management or administrative hurdles to deal with, as all is done for you.
  4. Start earning an additional income from anywhere you may be and anytime.
  5. Offer video consultations.
  6. Offer text consultations.
  7. Perform Remote Monitoring of patient's conditions using various well-designed monitoring plans.

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We have taken all the headaches from the practice of telemedicine. Our platform is all set up and ready for you to go immediately.

Time to make your knowledge help you earn additional income whilst at the same time improving patients health all over the world.

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We believe in making health care accessible to All. By joining us you will be given the opportunity to practice telemedicine from anywhere in the world. If you are a licensed health provider and business oriented, the time for you is now.

If you pass our background checks, we will grant you a license to function on the our ContinuousCare platform for you will be requirel an annual fee of $360 USD ( a rate of only $1.00 USD/Day).


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